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The Essential Edge has been providing quality sharpening services to Connecticut Professionals and Homeowners.

Utilizing proven techniques we match or exceed the original profile of your cutting tools to protect their integrity, providing superior results. Whether it be Re-profiling an expensive collectable Hunting Knife to it's original factory specification or Re-convexing your $300 plus Japanese Hairdressing Shears, your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Since 1996

Exceptional Service

They say that you can't have it fast, cheap, and good (you can only pick two). Well we're the exception; you get all three with us. We have very rapid turn-around times, offer extremely affordable rates, and provide truly superior results.​

Scissor Sharpening and Shear Sharpening: Including Hairdressing Shears, Barber Shears and Dog Grooming Shears, Sewing Shears and Tailoring Shears, Florist Shears and Gardening Shears, Household Shears and Kitchen Shears.

Knife Sharpening: Including Chef Knives and Kitchen Knives, Butcher Knives, Fillet Knives and Fish Cutter Knives.

Sporting and Collectable Knife Sharpening: Including Hunting Knives, Tactical Knives, Bushcraft Knives and EDC Pocket Knives.

Tool Sharpening: Including Pruners and Loppers, Axes, Hatchets and Machetes.

Special requests? Just ask and we will do our best to accommodate you.

The Essential Edge

Quality Professional Sharpening Service​
The Essential Edge
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(203) 877-9174